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The Reno-Tahoe Blog will occasionally feature entries from athletes sponsored by Reno-Tahoe, America’s Adventure Place. Jay Kincaid, professional kayaker, has been paddling over half of his lifetime, and is back to blog about his life as a professional kayaker living in Reno, NV. As 2003 Freestyle Kayaking World Champion, 2001 U.S. National Champion and three-time U.S. Point Series Champion, Jay is the most proud of the many first descents he’s done on rivers and waterfalls in his native Oregon and in California.

I am back out west from Colorado. The Teva Mountain Games went well but I am glad that it is over. I raced really well in the head to head race finishing in second in the time trial, less then 5/100’s behind EJ. I also finished second in the actual race, behind EJ, and in front of Tao and Brad Ludden in the final heat. Much to my surprise one of the gate judges said that I missed a mandatory gate, and that resulted in a disqualification, putting E in fourth place. I am not really sure of how exactly that mistake happened but never the less it was disappointing to be disqualified after being so fast all day.The freestyle event in Vail has been my long time nemesis. I have finished in the top three there five out of the six time that I have competed and have never won. This year I finished third which was again disappointing, but the good news is that we once again had a Jackson Kayak sweep. Actually 5 of the 6 medals from the men’s and women’s classes went to Jackson Kayaks. I like to call that DOMINATION! EJ won and Stephen was seond, both having unbelievable rides.So, I drove back to Reno after the event as fast as I could trying for an unofficial World Record. The way I see it is that if I wasn’t speeding I was wasting time. I made it from Vail to Reno in 12 hours and 15 minutes. You might want to Map Quest that one to get full appreciation.I spent one day in Reno, surfed at the play park,and then hit the road for the Northern California Coast, and the home of Kokatat. I will be here until Thursday morning and then it is back to Reno for a few days.I am looking forward to those days at home.

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