Riding Near Stampede

Here is another guest entry from a dirt bike rider.

Today we tried to get out and get on our dirt bikes as early as possible, as it was going to be a hot day. After a short drive to Verdi, we parked at the base of the dirt road heading up through Toiyabe National Forest. It’s basically a dirt road that we took down through the valley at the bottom of Crystal Mountain where there were lots of campers and off-roaders. We couldn’t figure out which trail to take to get to the top of Crystal Mountain but we found Crystal Mine. Not much to look at there so we headed up towards Stampede Reservoir.

The ride was mellow and nice which was good for checking out all of the beautiful wild flowers that are in bloom. There are tall purple ones, bright yellow ones, bushy red ones and delicate white ones – it’s so beautiful right now. Stampede Reservoir was alive with boaters, campers and people fishing. We stopped and ate lunch on the shore under a shade tree and took it all in. I loved that there were no houses or paved roads anywhere to be seen.

After lunch we headed up towards Verdi Peak, which was a smooth road for most of the way but turned rocky and a little narrow toward the top. By the time we reached the summit at 8,000 feet, I was pretty worn out but we climbed the stairs to the fire lookout and it was all worth it. Out one way I could see all of Reno and beyond, the other way was I-80 running alongside the Truckee River curving through the mountains and back up towards Lake Tahoe. Being that high up and seeing that much is an amazing feeling that’s hard to duplicate.

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