Life’s A Beach

This past Saturday, the hubby and I packed a picnic lunch and headed to Nevada Beach for a bit of R&R. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and we lazed away about 6 hours swimming, napping on the beach, and enjoying the atmosphere of Lake Tahoe.

At around 7:00, we decided that it was time for dinner. After a quick outfit change in the truck, we were off to in Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. Cabo Wabo’s is Sammy Hagar’s bar, and it has a really fun and lively atmosphere. After dinner, we then headed to the , also in Harvey’s, and danced to the tunes of the house band, Cool Black Kettle. We then headed back to Cabo Wabos for a bit more dancing before we finally declared the night over.

Here are a few shots from our Saturday outing. Sorry, but I forgot the camera in the truck when we went out that evening!

A few scenic shots of Nevada Beach:



This is me relaxing under our beach umbrella:

And here is a pic of my hubby enjoying the beach:

This is me being artistic:

While we were hanging out on the beach, all of a sudden people started gathering, and next thing we knew, we were about 20 feet away from a beach wedding! Here are a few shots I snuck of the ceremony (hubby thought I was crazy for taking pictures of a stranger’s wedding, but I thought you all would enjoy them!)



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