Learning to Wakeboard at Lahontan

Here is another guest entry from Jess.

Having spent the entire day before the 4th of July at Lake Tahoe, my husband and I were planning on staying home, but when my husband’s cousin called in the morning and invited us out to Lahontan Reservoir on his boat to wakeboard, we couldn’t pass it up. I had never been to Lahontan and my husband hadn’t been in years, so with that, coupled with the prospect of learning to wakeboard, we were out the door. Lahontan is located where US highway 50 and US highway 95 meet in Silver Springs, not even an hour from Reno. Because of the vast amount of desert that we had to drive through to get to the lake, seeing the blue water pop out of the sand was truly a sight. I had no idea the lake was so big. It is really curvy, so I didn’t think it is very large, but once I was out there, I realized how much room to roam there really is.

My husband and I were picked up at the dock and immediately we sped off to go wakeboarding. The water was really nice – it felt great on such a hot day. My husband was able to get up on his first try and by the end of the day he even tried doing a few tricks. However, I was a different story. After about 5 tries, I still couldn’t get up. So, I took a break and after everyone else had another turn I tried again. Finally, I got up and rode the wake! It was incredible – such a feeling of freedom and power. I didn’t want to stop, but after spending hours out on the lake we headed home. While I had a great day and I can’t wait to go again, I am so sore – wakeboarding uses muscles I didn’t even know I had!

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