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Late June, my friend Katie called me and asked me if I wanted to do an ATV tour in the Plumas Forest, half-hour north of Reno.  A friend of hers, Gairik, had been there and loved it, and had asked to see if Katie and Ken could wrangle some models and a movie crew up there to film, and then blog about it if we liked the experience.  Unconventional, but it seemed like a really cool idea, so I said yes right away.  But I had no idea how fabulous this trip would turn out to be.

On July 1, Sunday, I grabbed a couple of friends (Krystal and Zarah, both models I work with) and when we got out there at about 9:30 in the morning, I got the chance of a lifetime to view some of the most beautiful sites in the High Sierras.  We had the most awesome time.  I had never ridden an ATV before and was a little nervous but Jay, our tour guide, took us through the basics of the Arctic Cat ATVs and made us feel so at ease with everything.  Then we hit the road.  O my God it was amazing, NOT kidding!  We saw the most beautiful scenery, flowers and even some deer (unfortunately we didn’t get them on camera) but it was great.  On top of Crystal Peak, I felt on top of the world and the view was so peaceful and beautiful.  And all this paradise just 30 miles out of Reno!  We had some good laughs too — with Nino’s spectacular acrobatics hanging out of the back of his ATV trying to film us, Katie crawling through a ditch to hold out the boom mic, and Gairik (chicken!!!) wrapping himself in everything he could find (including my blue shirt) to keep the dust from blowing into his face.

Jay and Lisa of High Sierra ATV Tours treated us so well. Made sure we had plenty of sunscreen (which we definitely needed) and water, and bandanas, and so much more. After the video shoot they even fed the whole crew and made us feel really special. If they treat all their customers this well — I have no shame plugging their wilderness/adventure tours, and sending all my friends to them.

I have lived in Carson City for a few years now and had no idea there were things so cool to do within an hour’s drive. I really hope they decide to start snow-mobiling tours this winter, as they are planning to do. I will go back for sure. If you are ever in the mood to see the beautiful sites of the High Sierras with the excitement and fun of an ATV, I definitely recommend these guys.

I hope you enjoy our little videos because we had a lot of fun making them.  I really appreciate the Reads (HighSierra ATV Tours), Katie, Ken & Nino (BarFlyProductions) and Gairik (Reno-Tahoe, America’s Adventure Placenow is that a cool gig or what???) for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing adventure. You guys ROCK!

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Please don’t forget to see me and Krystal in spring 2008 starring in Bar Fly Productions and Sinnergy Entertainment’s production of “Pyramid Highway”.

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