Camping in Central Nevada

This weekend I discovered another great thing about living in Reno — not only this area is filled with cool places to explore — but also the entire state of Nevada has more adventure opportunities that you can even imagine!

We went camping to Central Nevada, just a few hours east of Reno. We left on Friday night with a bunch of friends and stayed at Ione. On Saturday we visited the Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park where we went for a mine tour and ghost town tour, we rode our bikes and had a great time exploring the area. Then we went to Big Creek, where we spent Saturday night. Some of the guys even went backcountry skiing on Sunday morning!


Me pregnant riding my bike to the State Park

On our way back to Reno (probably around 90min from Reno) we discovered some sweet hot springs in the middle of nowhere! So for anybody visiting Reno-Tahoe, I recommend checking out these hot springs and also Sand Mountain for some sandboarding fun! Sand Mountain is located only 83 miles east of Reno on U.S.50.


Checking out the hot springs


Hubby enjoying the hot springs

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