Escape the heat - explore the pristine shores

Enjoy the outdoors and 300 days of sunshine!


The weather in Reno Tahoe begs for you to be outdoors, so why not oblige? We have a wide variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors and 300 days of sunshine to take advantage of. From hiking to swimming and biking to beaching, you can do all this and more in Reno Tahoe. We have a beach for every occasion, so grab your beach towel and find that perfect shore. 

For pristine, smooth sand go to one of the many beaches found on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Kings Beach Recreational Area is family friendly and shallow enough for the kids to play in. Surrounding the beach you will find hip shops, restaurants, and places to rent a kayak or paddle board. As you go east, the shoreline becomes rugged and the water color intensifies. A popular spot along the east shore is Sand Harbor. This beach area offers picnicking and day use, a boat ramp, and a place to rent a kayak or paddle board.

As you continue along the east shore, you’ll see a plethora of beaches lined with rocks ready for someone to leap off of, or hidden spots only accessible by hiking in. Hidden Beach is located just south of Incline Village near Tunnel Creek Road. This secluded beach has limited parking but is a royal treat for those who arrive early and make the trek in. For the real go getters, keep your eye out for Chimney Beach. Located about a mile from Highway 28, this is a hot spot during the summer. This beach is named after the stone chimney that still remains on the lakeshore, a remnant of the caretaker’s cabin that once stood there. Chimney Beach is also dog- friendly and lined with rocks and deep water. Perfect for getting that insta-worthy action shot.

A dog park, playgrounds, picnic areas and walking paths make up the Sparks Marina. In addition, there are two beaches and in the summer a concession stand is open for visitors who would like to snack. There’s nothing like playing a good game of volleyball during the warm summer months with the incredible backdrop of city lights and the surrounding neighborhood at the Sparks Marina.

Located on the Paiute Tribe Reservation, Pyramid Lake is one of the most unique and beautiful lakes to be found in the middle of a desert in the world. The beaches are kid-friendly, the water is warm and the sights are unbelievable! You can see the huge boulder in the middle of the lake in the shape of a pyramid it was named after from any part of the beach and the coolest part is the water in the lake comes from the Truckee River, which flows some 121 miles from its source at Lake Tahoe.

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