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Live Music Venues

Who doesn’t like live music? In Reno Tahoe, we enjoy our live music like a glass of fine wine or a cold beer, heck just give it to us straight up.

Some of our biggest live music venues include:

Cargo at Whitney Peak: The ultimate live music experience. You are always in for a royal treat at Cargo.

Crystal Bay Club: The CBC as the locals call it is your go-to spot for north Lake Tahoe entertainment. They have a variety of entertainers from bluegrass, jazz, alternative rock, comedy shows and much more!

Grand Theater: The perfect venue for a headliner; the newly renovated Grand Theater, located in the Grand Sierra, boots a beautiful stage, plush seating and amazing acoustics.

Reno Events Center: Your place to see some of the biggest headliners in Reno.

The Saint: At the heart of everything they do is music and culture. They consistently feature live performances and various dance parties.

Almost every bar or amphitheater in Reno will feature live music at some point, for a complete list of upcoming concerts or musical events, please visit our events calendar.

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