Taking a Film and Fountain Break in Sparks

My daughter loves the Sparks Interactive Fountain on Victorian Square in Downtown Sparks



During the summer months, taking my daughter to the movies in Sparks is about more than just catching a flick and grabbing a bag of popcorn. Going to the movies also involves bathing suits and towels.

I say that because my 11-year-old daughter absolutely loves playing in the interactive water fountain in front of the Century Theatres in downtown Sparks. So whenever we go to the movies during hot months, we usually have to factor in time for her to play in the water fountain.

The Sparks Interactive Water Fountain on Victorian Square is an amazing thing. Throughout the day, a dozen or more water jets spray up to 35 feet in the air. The fountain is synchronized to music, with four 8-minute shows hourly.

The other day, she and a friend from out of town decided to see a matinee at the Sparks theatre (“The Devil Wears Prada”). After the film was over, they raced into a restroom, changed into their swimwear, and headed to the fountain.

For the next hour, the two girls had great fun playing in the water, squealing with delight as the jets of cool liquid sprayed their faces, backs, feet, and arms. They ran through the water, seeing who could best avoid the various jets, and tried to stop the sprays with their feet.

Of course, the girls weren’t the only ones playing in the water. We saw some kids filling cups with water to toss at each other while others brought along squirt guns—-as if there wasn’t enough water to go around. Two teenage boys wrestled with each other at the edge of the fountain to determine which was going into the water (both did).

In the end, the biggest challenge was trying to dry off the two girls so they could sit in my car for the trip home.—Richard Moreno

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