Fit Family in Reno-Tahoe

Fit Family It’s so easy to be a fit family in Reno-Tahoe, America’s Adventure Place. The outdoor opportunities in this area are endless… and having kids does need to slow you down one bit! Our kids (2 years old and 6 months) love to get out and enjoy the beauty of this place.
Last year after posting about camping, hiking and skiing with kids Heidi Hill contacted me to see if she could ask me some questions about being an active family. She was writing a book about fit families and wanted to hear about my experience in this area. Well, her book is finally out and I got my copy a few days ago! There is a picture of me and my daughter hiking to Dry Pond. Heidi also included my suggestions in the hiking section. Very useful tips. And again, it’s so easy to be a fit family in a place that offers unlimited recreation opportunities!

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