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From the Sierra Nevada to the Black Rock Desert, camping opportunities are endless

Reno Camping

If there’s one thing that the Reno Tahoe area has in abundance, it’s the great outdoors. Maybe you’re the kind of camper who loves all the bells and whistles. You’ve got the RV with satellite, amphibious jet ski/ATV combo and the full range of other outdoor goodies. Or maybe you’re the minimalist, true-to-the-dirt type. You’re not satisfied until you’ve built a working relationship with the pointy rock under your ultra-light bivy, and the only taste better than a campfire-roasted marshmallow is the piney soil between your teeth. Whether you’re one, the other, or somewhere in between, there’s a Reno Tahoe campground with your name on it.

Reno Campgrounds

Reno campgrounds offer some of the best when it comes to alpine and high-desert camping. A unique combination of forest and desert makes it a truly interesting area to explore. There’s plenty of terrain to hike, fish, swim or boat and almost all of it is accessible by car.

For the RV campers, there is an abundance of Reno RV resorts and parks. The River West Resort, located west of downtown Reno, is a great place for those wanting to explore the river. The Truckee River is just steps away and there’s a great view of the nearby Idlewild Park. For those that want to be right in the center of town and near the casino action and amenities, the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino RV Park puts you close to everything. Freeway access is just minutes away and all the amenities of the casino are just next door. If you’re looking for a more peaceful, nature-filled escape, consider the Boomtown KOA RV park. Located at the base of the Sierra Nevada, this RV park combines wilderness with upscale living. The Truckee River is nearby, offering campers the ability to explore and swim, and nearby Boomtown offers plenty of entertainment for adults and kids. Don’t worry, whether you elect to stay in the city or outside of it, outdoor attractions are always nearby.

For the tent campers, there’s also a plethora of options within a short drive of downtown Reno and Lake Tahoe, some of which include Boca Reservoir, Davis Creek and Washoe Lake State Park. Be sure to check ahead of time for reservation options and any seasonal restrictions that may be in place.

Tahoe Campgrounds

Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, is a must-experience destination for travelers all around the world. Its crystal-clear water and vast blue expanse have inspired countless visitors, including Mark Twain, who remarked that “three months of camp life at Lake Tahoe will restore an Egyptian mummy to its pristine vigor.” While we won’t necessarily guarantee the accuracy of that statement, we will say that you’d be hard pressed to find a more magical place to set up camp.

Most campsites will need to be reserved ahead of time, but there are lots of first-come, first-serve camping spots just a short drive away from the lake. Just a heads up, camping in any of the wilderness areas requires a permit, and wood fires are not permitted.

If you can’t find a spot, there are plenty of other lodging options within the Reno Tahoe area that offer quick access to the outdoors. See our “Places to Stay” page for details.

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