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It’s time for Reno’s arts and culture season! Oh wait, that’s every season, all year round. Reno’s arts and culture community is eclectic and has skewed away from ordinary. Art venues, performing arts, public artwork and neighborhoods, Reno is proud to be a part of it all. The art and community have added vibrancy to the already alluring areas, attracting even more outside artists to contribute to the scene. The new Reno Arts & Culture Brochure will be sure to walk you through everything you need to know about the city’s art. Here’s a glimpse into what you can find inside…120

With a gourmet restaurant and impressive amount of art, The Nevada Museum of Art holds work created by national and international artists who continuously rotate their designs through the building’s passageways. Museums in Reno have the ability to capture the attention of adults and toddlers making it possible for everyone to enjoy the artwork provided.

Displaying contemporary American drawings, paintings, sculptures, and mixed media, the Stremmel Gallery offers an impressive roster of fine artwork. The venue is an award-winning structure, making the building itself an architectural craft.  Located in Reno’s MidTown District, it includes work by mid-career and established American and European artists.

David Calvert for the Reno Philharmonic

Reno Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director – Laura Jackcon

Musicians, dancers, singers and actors also take part in Reno’s realm of arts and culture. Providing various types of Performing Arts in venues such as The Bruka Theatre, Nightingale Concert Hall (located at the University of Nevada, Reno), and even outside at downown’s most popular area, Wingfield Park. Satisfy your musical need by enjoying performances from the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, with 60 professional musicians, making it the largest performing arts organization in Northern Nevada. Whether you’re considering a visit a small comedy club, watching Broadway play, or enjoying classical music, there is always a performance to choose from at one of the city’s venues.

Vacant industrial warehouses have been modernized to fit the needs of local artists. Come into Reno Art Works, where artists create, paint and sculpt out their ideas. Off of Dickerson Rd, The Wedge Ceramics Studio provides a place where Reno’s community, artist’s creativity and clay have the pleasure of meeting, or if you’re looking to build something a bit more technical, The Generator is the place for you where only three main ideas are encouraged: “Work less. Build more. Play more.” The Generator provides a full woodshop, metal works facility, 3D printers and even classes for those wanting to enhance their artistic credibility. The Generator is known for their large Burning Man projects. Artist come together months before the event to create their ever so famous pieces to be featured on the playa.

Image result for believe sign downtown reno

But wait, that’s not all. Public art and walking tours in the city are one of the people’s favorite. Reno’s nature is further enhanced by modern art installations, sculptures and murals adding characters to corners and open areas, such as the newly created “Believe” located in City Plaza. Whether on foot or bike, take a leisure stroll through MidTown or downtown to experience the beautiful art that won’t disappoint. Visit in order to get full maps and locations to all artwork that has been created throughout Reno’s hotspots.

Reno arts and culture events are endless and happen throughout the year. From sculpture viewings (such Reno Sculpture Fest in May) to festivals like Off Beat Arts & Music Festival coming in November, Reno likes to keep a variety of events going for everyone to enjoy. Or simply join the Truckee River downtown every evening to watch the city’s effortlessly beautiful sunset.

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