Exhibits to Visit in May 2014

May is a fantastic time to visit Reno Tahoe. There is Cinco De Mayo, the River Festival, Memorial Day, and the start of summer vacation for some! But did you know that there are some great exhibits at museums all throughout the city? Let this post serve as your guide for some of the great exhibits and learning experiences this month!

Nevada Museum of Arthttp://www.artexpertswebsite.com/pages/artists/artists_l-z/ramos_martinez/martinez.vendedore.jpg

Seniors get in free every Wednesday in May!

Picturing Mexico May 10-August 17: An artist of great significance, Alfredo Ramos Martínez (1871–1946) developed his own distinctive contribution to modernism. This exhibition explores Ramos Martínez’s work through four sections—Many Women, Religious Piety, Los Angeles Stories, and Forever Mexico—and how he produced an individual response to Mexico from Los Angeles. This exhibition also offers visitors an opportunity to understand the constant cultural exchange between the United States and Mexico in new ways.

And on Saturday May 10, come to the museum for free and enjoy hands-on art and storytelling!

The Discovery MuseumLucky Lizards

Every Wednesday, admission is $4 after 4PM!

Lucky Lizards: On Saturday May 17, local herpetological expert Dave Boland will visit the Discovery with many lizard friends. Patrons will learn the difference between a snake and a lizard and maybe even get to feel the scales on a lizard!

Reno River Festivalhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/renotahoe/3514901166/in/photolist-6mAMEf-6mAQzd-6mAUNG-6mwFh2-6mwPw4-6mAVXj-6mwHaD-6mAMYU-6mAM5C-6mwMUZ-6mwE94-6mAWU9-6mwCAp-6mARfb-6mwFC2-6mwNSk-4M6ZnC-4M6Z9Y-5QNtRR-6mAU8b-6mANLu-6mALts-6mwGyF-6mwKqn-6mARUb-6mAY8m-6mwJsM-6mAXvq-6mwFWr-6mAMoj-6mATb1-6mASwW-5QPk4r-4M2Fw6-4M2PwP-4M6ZgL-4M2PHR-4M2Pzt-4M6ZbL-4M2PFn-4M2PGi-4M2PEn-4M2PBx-93X7cy-5QTBxf-dHn7gG-4M2GJK-4M2FL2-4M6Siq-4M2FzM

Okay, so it’s not really an exhibition of art or science, but this festival is sure to capture the attention of anyone who finds river sports fascinating. Not only will there be competitions for different river events, but live music, food, and many other vendors. Spend a day at the beautiful Truckee River in the heart of downtown Reno at the Wingfield Whitewater Park. The festival will take place May 10 and 11 from about 9AM-7PM.

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