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Things to Do in Reno Tahoe

Brace yourself. Reno Tahoe is about to pull you in all different directions. Here, you can rock climb in the heart of downtown and rock out on the top of a mountain. Make art and destroy monotony. Paddleboard and crowd surf. Win big and lose yourself. So, what’s first?

Great Reno Balloon Race


Every city claims to have the best events, but Reno Tahoe is truly in a class of its own. We race hot air balloons, jet skis, off-road vehicles, planes that fly wing-tip to wing-tip at over 500 mph, even outhouses and camels.

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Food & Drink

Food & Drink

The landscape of the Reno Tahoe food (and drink) scene is quickly growing and offers a large variety of delectable cuisine choices blending with the nightlife and culture of the city.

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Reno River Festival

Outdoor Activities

It’s no secret that we love the outdoors in Reno Tahoe. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, the opportunities to get outside are endless.

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Arts and Culture

Arts & Culture

Reno Tahoe is poised to be a culturally vibrant region and a true arts destination – a place for year-round art. Reno Tahoe’s vibrancy and natural landscape attract audacious artists and traditional masters, who showcase their work in museums, galleries, art schools and workspaces throughout the area.

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Reno Nevada


Once the sun goes down, Reno Tahoe channels its daytime energy into rallying its way through some legendary nightlife. We’ve got nightspots you can’t find back home. Closing times are ambiguous. “Last call?” What is that? Around here, you call the shots! Go on, get after it. Cheers!

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Family Fun

Family Activities

If you’re looking for the perfect vacation spot to travel with the whole family, then Reno Tahoe has you covered. Summer or winter, outdoor or inside, Reno Tahoe has countless activities and fun right at its fingertips to keep everyone entertained.

Family Ideas
spa feature image

Spas, Health & Wellness

No matter where adventure takes you in Reno Tahoe, you’ll find first-rate relaxation and restoration amenities nearby. Come discover world-class luxury spa resorts and hotels and escape to soothe the body, mind and spirit.

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You can’t leave Reno Tahoe empty-handed. From the spectacular to the sublime, you’ll find the boutiques, retail stores, shopping malls and outlet stores you need to find something special for those waiting at home.

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Sports Teams-1868

Sports Teams

Fuel your sports obsession with local Nevada teams. Northern Nevada offers a full range of sports from professional baseball, soccer and basketball to Division 1 collegiate action with the Nevada Wolf Pack.

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