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2017 Reno Tahoe Events and Festivals Brochure

2017 Reno Tahoe Events and Festivals

Reno Santa Pub Crawl

Downtown Reno
December 14, 2013

7:30 PM - 2:00 AM


It’s that time of year again when thousands of Santas shall descend upon downtown Reno to enjoy good spirits & yule-tide cheer!  Over 10,000 festive-clad wassailers will enjoy the jolly 13th year of the Reno Santa Pub Crawl!  But we’re topping that this year!  We’re expecting over 12,000 holiday-clad revelers!  So, we’re adding bars & will let folks know the fun things to do pre-Crawl on Friday night fun & even Santa Skiing!  It’s an entire weekend of charitable, holiday FUN!!  Keep checking in for the latest!


As always, this is first & foremost a local charity fundraiser.  This year all proceeds will help local schools.  So, help Support the Claus & attend!

The Reno Santa Pub Crawl is like NO other event!  We make it easy for you to eat, drink & be merry!  Our event is drawing nationwide attention!  We are the largest Santa Pub Crawl in the country!  We have even spawned yuletide crawls in other states, as far away as Massachusetts!  Ya, we’re kind of a big deal & that’s all thanks to YOU!!

And now, we proudly present….


  • Crawlers MUST be at least 21 years old!  ID’s WILL be checked!  Bring valid ID.
  • Crawlers MUST wear appropriate attire!  A complete Santa suit, Mrs. Claus suit, snowman, crown of thorns & loin cloth or some other festive decoration are not only part of the deal but exceedingly FUN!  Spicy is verrrrry good!  And it will get you in free to Official Crawl bars & make you unbelievably popular!  The point is to have fun, possibly make an ass of yourself & to make the holidays a great time!  BUT keep in mind that the winter weather in Reno is relatively cold!  Once you’re in a bar or casino you’ll be just fine!  Especially once the libations start flowing!
  • Feeling the giving spirit?  Bring extra Santa hats, candy or some other ingenious festive item to give out!  Ladies LOVE this, by the way!  Actually, so do gents.
  • Do your part for the charity – Support the Claus by frequenting only those establishments on the Official Map! They’re the ones Supporting the Claus with much appreciated donations!  Visit all others on another night!!!
  • This is a free event ~ there are no tickets to purchase to participate, (drinks unfortunately, you must pay for.)  If you’d like to Support the Claus, get yourself a waaay cool Official cup which gives you discounted drinks and free cover all of the bars!!  They shall be available for purchase at participating shops!  Chocolate Walrus, Prism Magic and Junkie are official Santa Crawl cups shops. Check the swag page to see which shops are giving out discounts to those folks with cups. Or contact us about giving!  We will be getting more Reno Santa Pub Crawl merchandise later so, keep checking in!
  • There shall be 7, count ‘em 7 Official Silver Bell Bars choices to begin your night of frivolity!  Take your pick!  They’re alllll good with extra cups and maps!  Check our the map!
  • The Official Reno Santa Crawl Maps are available at all of the bars!  We have also posted it on the Map page.
  • You need to visit EVERY bar on the Map; however you should pace yourself and drink water!!!  They’ve paid lovely sums of $ to see you!  That is your challenge should you choose to accept it!  Good luck & may the schwartz be with you!
  • Keep in mind your tasty beverages must be finished before leaving each establishment.  Let’s not put the police to work.  K?
  • DO NOT LET ANYONE DRINK & DRIVE!!!  NO EXCUSES!!!  Leave NO wassailer behind!  Find one too wasted to crawl, put ‘em in a cab!  Nobody wants to trip over an obliterated Santa or yeti!
  • Never hang out in the same place for more than 20-30 minutes.  It’s a CRAWL!  It’s going to be quite a feat to hit all 50+ venues as it is!!  It’s a marathon!  Keep moving!
  • Don’t forget to tip your bartenders, etc!  They deserve it for putting up with our sh….holiday spirit!
  • Don’t steal or fight because it’s BAD!!  We LOVE naughty!!  We do NOT love BAD!!
  • Occasional nudity is optional…Santa gives it a double thumbs up!  Just do not get caught!  But bring a camera if there IS any nudity!  Oh & take some nice wholesome pix, too!  Then post ‘em here!
  • Everyone of age is welcome, buuuuut Santas can be frisky!  We’ve seen many examples of this including, though not limited to:  random groping, touching, kissing, biting, licking, pinching & of course sitting on Santas lap!!  Me likey!
  • Don’t forget to meet under the Arch on Virginia St. at midnight to sing carols & do a bit of wassailing!!  Come revel in the awesomeness that is the Reno Santa Pub Crawl!
  • Of course, there are Official After Arch Parties!  Once again – check our the Map for where!
  • Keep in mind that this event will be at least 12 plus hours of non-stop drinking & debauchery!  So, pace yourself & do NOT puke on me!!
  • Have FUN!!!


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