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An epicenter of exciting concerts, music shows, singers and more, Reno Tahoe USA is an amazing destination for world-class entertainment. Reno Tahoe USA is packed with exhilarating things to do and see and experience at all hours of the day and night. There is always an diverse mix of live performances and shows to choose from!


October 20, 2012

6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

At it’s heart, in the company of live music, great food and a silent auction, are the prized beers of more than 40 local home-brewers, each competing for bragging rights and the chance to brew at The Silver Peak in Reno and have their beer featured on tap. It’s the fund-raiser you’ll never forget. Or remember.

At it’s heart, Backwash is a celebration of craft brewing and a showcase of the very best the West has to offer. This year 69 beers will compete for the people’s choice and brewers’ choice award, and the entries come from all over the west coast: California, Nevada and Oregon. What makes these beers special is that unless one of the brewers happens to be a close friend of yours, you’ve never tasted them before. And with the exception of the winner, which will be on tap at the Silver Peak after the dust settles, you’ll never get to taste them again. October 20th is your ONLY chance to drink them. Don’t miss it!

If its heart is beer, then its soul is music. This year, the Bachwash main stage will feature Tim Snider and Jelly Bread. If you’ve been to the Strawberry Music Festival or the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cookoff, then you are more than familiar with these talented musicians. If you’re not, then click the links, watch some videos and play some music! When the program manager at sponsor KHTX heard the entertainment line-up, he described Backwash as the party of the year. One listen, and you’ll know why.

When the heart and soul have been properly cared for, food may seem like an afterthought. But at Backwash it most certainly isn’t. The chefs at the Siena (one of this years Backwash Sponsors) are planning a menu that pairs perfectly with the beer you’ll be enjoying. Your mom would frown on making a complete dinner out of the hearty hors d’ouvres that they’ll be serving: Pot Stickers, Chicken Wings with Tangy Sauce, Jalapeno Poppers, Beef Sliders with Secret Spices, Apple Smoked Bacon topped with Cheese and House-Made Potato Salad. And anyway, your mom probably won’t be there. And if she is, she’ll be eating the same stuff with a big-ole smile on her face.

The Cause.
Beer, music and food is usually enough of an excuse for a night out. But Backwash is something much more than that. When you buy a ticket, you’ll be supporting Project Great Outdoors, a local, volunteer based non-profit that helps troubled kids become a little less troubled. Project GO has almost no overhead, so the proceeds go straight to the kids. Learn more about Project GO and the great work done by its dedicated and skilled volunteers at

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