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An epicenter of exciting concerts, music shows, singers and more, Reno Tahoe USA is an amazing destination for world-class entertainment. Reno Tahoe USA is packed with exhilarating things to do and see and experience at all hours of the day and night. There is always an diverse mix of live performances and shows to choose from!

Giant Secret Music Festival

Wingfield Park Amphitheater
September 14, 2013


Giant Secret Music Festival is an independent movement of sound and culture. An experience that calls out to the head banger, the festival junkie, the hippie and the hipster, the rebel and revolutionary, the dreamer, the old school, the young at heart, the free thinker, the nomad, the adventurer, and the freedom seeker hidden in all of us. It’s a place of freedom, where you can do and be whomever you want, forget the world for a day, and let the inner you run wild. Reno’s premiere indie music festival, Giant Secret Music Fest is jammed packed with the best music our city has ever witnessed, mixed in with all of your favorite festival perks, topped off with one of the most explosive entertainers that ever set foot on a stage.
The Wingfield Park Amphitheater will be the center of your Giant Secret experience featuring the best in regional indie talent all day long. Not just some of them, but all of them, together, rocking one stage like never before. In additional this years event with be headlined by the incomparable Allen Stone, one of the nation’s greatest live acts. VIP ticket holders will get to enjoy this epic experience up front and in your face style, right next to the stage.
Allen Stone
Jelly Bread
Whitney Myer
Mark Sexton Band
Knowledge Lives Forever
The Novelists
Eph Bee Cee
Rigorous Proof
Jack Berry & Loaded Loot
Zach Rawlinson
DJ Ry-on
DJ Mojo Jojo


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Wingfield Park Amphitheater



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