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2012 Pirate Crawl

Downtown Reno
September 8, 2012

7:00 PM - 11:30 PM

The Pirate Crawl be a blowin inta thaar Biggest Little City Septembarrr 8th. It’ll beginnin at 7:00 at Harrah’s Plaza with a costume contest fer ‘best pirate’ at 7:30. Tickets arrrr $10 and gits ye a wristband and map. Thar also be a ‘naughty pirate wench’ contest taking place around the witchin hour o midnight at a port yet ta be determined. So come down, git yerrr drink on and get shipfaced at the Pirate Crawl. Oh, and fer them bilge monkeys that know they be drinkin too much, get yerself a room from one of the sponsor hotels from thar Pirate Crawl Sponsors page, or a cab from Reno-Sparks Cab. Thar were 2,500 participants in last years Pirate Crawl, so be gettin yer duds at arrr sponsors shops befer they get pillaged, and yer stuck with just an eye patch. “RUM” sez I, “RUM!”

Additional information:
The event begins at 6 p.m. at the Harrah’s Reno Plaza.  Tickets are $10, which entitles participants to $2 drinks and entrance into various contests and giveaways at each Pirate Crawl participating venue.  Attendees will receive a directional pirate map and pirate mug for their journey to 20 ports-o-call.  This year’s ports include the Harrah’s Plaza, Sapphire, Zone21, Knitting Factory, Pizza Reno, Rise Night Club, W. 2nd Street Bar, Waterfall, 1Up Barcade, Z-Pie, Five Star, Tonic, El Cortez, Imperial, Whiskey, Bar, Jungle Vino, Chocolate Bar, Freight House District, and CommRow for the grand finale party at 11 p.m.
The Pirate Crawl will feature a $500 cash prize costume contest, hosted by Chris Payne, at 7 p.m. in the Harrah’s Plaza.  In addition, various ports will be hosting costume contests, live bands, and giveaways throughout the evening.
Pre-sale tickets are available at Junkee Clothing Exchange, the Chocolate Walrus, or online at
For more information, please visit or­ Pirate Crawl can also be found on twitter @PirateCrawl.


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