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Magic in Reno

'Magic Underground' presents illusion as an art form

While exploring the Truckee River Arts District, a must-see is the stylish and sensational Magic Underground." Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience, an evening of the mysterious and the impossible.  Designed to showcase magical arts, this concealed theater is hidden in the middle of Reno’s arts and culture district. Here, as you journey into the unexpected and the unexplained you’ll witness the chill-down-your-spine effects of real magic.

Welcome to an intimate theater of magic and illusion, where you'll see some of the greatest wonders ever attempted, including levitation, transformation, and death-defying escapes. These effects have a special impact when you see them live, up-close and in person.

The shows intention was to design a theater to specifically showcase the world of conjuring. Inspired by "theaters of magic" that existed during the late 1800s in London, Vienna and New York City, it is one of only three venues in the world today devoted entirely to presenting magic as an art form.

Real magic only happens when all the elements are perfect, the setting, the audience, the stage and the pace of the show, Over the years, they've had a chance to present magic in many different settings, but its only served to convince us of the perfect opportunity, the perfect showplace. They've finally found that home at the Magic Underground.

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