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Reno Tahoe Humanities


Nevada Humanities Committee

Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Nevada Humanities Committee is an independent, nonprofit organization based and governed in Nevada. The Nevada Humanities Committee develops and funds humanities activities statewide that are designed to bring people together to learn from each other, and to explore and celebrate the culture of Nevada and our world.

Great Basin Chautauqua


Each July, The Nevada Humanities Committee presents Great Basin Chautauqua. Chautauqua is entertainment for the entire family; a marvelously entertaining history lesson and certainly one of the highlights of the summer arts & culture scene. Chautauqua, a program where humanities scholars portray historical figures, is a combination of entertainment with education in an out-of-doors, community setting. The format involves the characters introducing themselves to the audience, sharing their life stories with anecdotes and quotations from their writing, and then answering audience questions. Answers come from the character and are based on the scholar's perspective and study.

Lake Tahoe Chautauqua

If you haven't yet experienced Chautauqua, Lake Tahoe Chautauqua is certain to make you a life-long fan. Lake Tahoe Chautauqua brings together superb scholar/performers who will transport you to another era with their compelling portrayals of historical greats. Chautauqua is both family entertainment and an educational experience built on an historic tradition started 125 years ago by the Chautauqua institution. After their initial presentations, the actors, dressed in period costumes, field questions from the audience and respond based on their character and the era in which that person lived. The audience truly guides this interactive performance. Experience history in a completely new and exciting way!

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