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Reno Tahoe Film

Film Reno Tahoe

Its mission is to develop the Reno Tahoe area as a film and television production center by assuring filmmakers have an excellent filming experience while enjoying the cost advantages the area offers. It understands the film industry is an economic engine and job creator, and it developed Film Reno Tahoe to welcome and build the industry. Accordingly, it offers studio space (six stages with sizes up to 60,000 sq. ft.) as well as production services at little or no cost. In short, it is able to serve as a one-stop-shop, providing equipment, financial, technical, logistical and creative support – virtually everything a filmmaker needs for a successful film and/or television project.

Reno Tahoe Film Festivals

The Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival, hosted locally by the Nevada Land Conservancy features the world's best films and videos on mountain subjects ranging from mountain biking, kayaking, skiing and snowboarding, hang-gliding, to rock and ice climbing and  mountaineering and. For ticket information, contact the Nevada Land Conservancy at 775.851.5180 or e-mail [email protected] Nevada Land Conservancy is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Nevada's open spaces and special places for future generations.

Great Basin Film Society

The Great Basin Film Society is a non-profit group of film lovers whose mission is to complement Reno's film scene with art-house and independent films, as well as classics that haven't been to the big screen in years. The Great Basin Film Society is interested in promoting film as an artistic medium and providing opportunities to view art-house, independent, and classic films that have not been previously shown in Reno, have not been shown in theaters in many years, or are not readily-available on video.

Cinema Reno

CINEMARENO is a non-profit film society founded for the purpose of promoting the art of motion pictures in Northern Nevada. Screenings throughout the year showcase new independent films and videos, along with a selection of obscure films and classic movies. CINEMARENO proudly offers an alternative to current Hollywood fare, bringing to Reno films that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

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