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Culinary Centers in Reno Tahoe

Nothing To It Culinary Center

Nothing to it Culinary

At Nothing To It! their goal is to share their love of gourmet cooking with you. Their philosophy is to not just provide cooking classes and kitchen products - but to teach people how to use those techniques and tools to create wonderful meals to share wit family and friends. The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from preparing and enjoying good food is what Nothing to It! is all about.

Nothing To It! Culinary Center boasts a 6,000 square foot cooking school with hands-on and demonstration classes taught by master chefs, a Napa Valley style gourmet deli, and a kitchen store with a wide variety of ingredients, appliances and accessories for people who love to cook.  We bring a fresh, non-professional approach to culinary education. Over 500 students per month take cooking classes at Nothing To It! and thousands more are reached through Nothing To It! programs on television and radio. 

For complete information and a detailed class schedule, visit their website at

Nothing To It Culinary Center
225 Crummer Lane (Reno)
(One block south of the South Virginia Street Meadowood Mall entrance)

Reno Food Tours

We create amazing shared experiences that are joyful, informational, and tasty. We connect Reno history, culture & community with food.We foster uniqueness by showcasing unexpected places. And above all, we abide by the following four rules - Be positive, send love, have fun and kick ass.Melissa Smith is the founder, owner, and Chief Eating Officer of Reno Food Tours.
While not a professional foodie by training, Melissa launched Reno Food Tours as a way to share her love of the exciting culinary scene in Reno with others. Being able to lead visitors and re-introduce locals to some of the best food and drink Reno has to offer is a dream come true. Melissa has been a Reno resident for over 25 years.

To learn more and see upcoming events, visit their website

Sugar Love University

Sugar Love Chocolates uses real ingredients from around the world to create unique flavor combinations. We pride ourselves on creating imaginative chocolates to always bring you something new to experience. A distinctive gift for any occasion, send some Sugar Love today!

Founded over a few experimental truffles, Sugar Love University explores topics in

chocolate in a taste-buds-on setting. SLU's course offerings cover history, origins of chocolate and its role in commerce and culture.

We have a retail location in the Basement of the Old Post Office in downtown Reno, Nevada at 50 S Virginia St Ste 11, Reno, NV 89501. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 12noon-6pm and Sunday 12noon-5pm.

To learn more and see upcoming events, visit their website




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