Megabucks Fans Travel for Miles for a Chance at Millions

megabucksA group of 150 Megabucks fans from across the U.S., $100 each and Silver Legacy Resort Casino make for what one man calls “one of the biggest and happiest families…” On Thursday, February 11, that family-Richard “Frosty” Frost and his comrades- will make their 10th annual trip to Silver Legacy Resort Casino for a chance to win Millions. The group will pull the handle of the Megabucks machine from 10am-12pm.

The avid Silver Legacy fan says this tradition makes the trip from Berlin, Wisconsin worth taking.

“Silver Legacy treats me and my constituents like real people. They have been very, very nice to me and they take good care of our group,” said Frost. “Everybody there has been just great; from casino hosts to gaming directors… it’s just a tremendous place to be…I wouldn’t want to be any other place.”

Frost’s group of gamblers started with six or seven people each throwing $100 into the pot and pulling the handle for a piece of the Million-dollar Megabucks pie. Now, a decade later, 150 people put in $100 and run $15, 000 through the Megabucks machine. The event has become so popular; there is a waiting list to join the group.

“They like the interest, they like the thrill of the idea that $100 might get them $50,000 a piece for a hundred dollar investment,” said Frost.

The Megabucks progressive jackpot is already over $10 Million.  Click here to see!

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