A Truly Rocking Weekend

This past weekend was jam packed with music and great food – another side of America’s Adventure Place.

The weekend started with dinner dinner at in Harrah’s Reno, which was some amazing Italian food. They had an incredible pianist playing during our meal, and it was a very romantic setting. We just discovered this restaurant gem, and I guarantee we’ll be back.

We then checked into our hotel room, where we saw sunset over the Sierras as the lights of downtown Reno came on. It was very picturesque. This is what it looked like (pics taken with my camera phone, so excuse the quality)…





There was a free concert going on in Harrah’s outdoor plaza, which was right below our room. We enjoyed the tunes of John Eddie from our hotel room, and after a few minutes, we decided we had to go down and check out the concert in person.

Later that night, we went to see the Harrah’s topless review show called . My hubby was extremely excited to see the show (go figure), and I had thought it would be mildly entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they also featured some men in the show, making the show much more than mildly entertaining for me — something for everyone (except the kiddies!). The show featured country songs and dance routines. There was also a great comedian during the intermissions. He did spitting image impressions of Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson and John Wayne. My

Sunday morning, we slept in, and then had breakfast at in Harrah’s.

During the day on Sunday, we swam at the outdoor pool and took a nap, getting ready for another big evening. After dinner at Asiana, featuring Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine in the Reno Hilton, we went to see Maroon 5 at the Reno Hilton’s outdoor ampitheater.

It was a great night for an outdoor concert. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and we got to enjoy the sun setting over the Sierra Nevadas while we waited for the show to begin.

Oh, and did I mention that my husband is friends with a member of the band?! That’s right. That’s how I managed to get my hands on BACKSTAGE PASSES. And can you believe that right as I discovered we had backstage passes, I realised that my camera phone had completely died?! I went to the gift shop to purchase a disposable camera, because I definitely wanted to document such a momentous occasion.

The show was really good, and ended with some incredible fireworks over the stage. We then went to the backstage access line, and found all kinds of groupies waiting to get in. I had my Backstage Pass proudly stuck to my shirt.

A band representative then came up to the line (where I was about 5 people back from the front), and started lettting in hoards of scantily clad groupies. He’d pick one in the crowd, and then ask how many friends she had, and then girls would pipe up saying six, or eight, and all of those girls that didn’t have official backstage passes like we did were let in.

After at least 30 groupies were let in, they started asking for people with passes. That is when the hubby and I were let in, and we went and found the drummer, Matt. We hung out backstage for at least 45 minutes, and I watched the groupies in awe – it was truly a whole new sub-culture for me.

After so much excitement this weekend, I had to go back to work on Monday to recover! Come check out the gaming and nightlife adventures in Reno-Tahoe for yourself!

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