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Reno Needs a Superhero

Proud of the place you call home? Here's your chance to show it by recommending our destination for your  organization's next trade show, function, conference  or meeting. Be a superhero. Meet in Reno Tahoe USA.

Make a difference in our city.
Bring your organization's next meeting or convention home.

Meetings and conventions infuse hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy every year, supporting thousands of jobs for your friends and neighbors. Whether your function fills 25 guest rooms or 2,500, Reno is ready to accommodate your next company meeting, church group, reunion, professional, service or hobby organization.

Ten Steps To Being a Superhero

Reno Needs a Superhero1. Make a call to the national, headquarter or corporate office and express an interest in hosting a future meeting or convention

2. Provide the RSCVA with contact information of the national, headquarter or corporate office

3. Work with a professional RSCVA Convention Sales staff member to follow the steps of the bidding process

4. Through collaboration with RSCVA, help present Reno Tahoe USA to the Site Selection Committee, Board of Directors or key decision maker

5. RSCVA will assist in site inspections

6. RSCVA will provide brochures and destination DVD to help sell the region

7. Once the group has selected Reno Tahoe USA, RSCVA will assist in local host requirements

8. Provide promotional brochures and giveaways, which will be provided by the RSCVA, at the previous year's meeting or convention

9. RSCVA will provide a Convention Services Manager and Resource Guide to walk you through the needs of a meeting or convention

10. Meet in Reno Tahoe USA, and bask in the glory of your heroic deeds

Why Reno Tahoe USA for your next meeting?

Our Skies Are Friendly

140 daily flights
17 non-stop destinations
32 one-stops Airfares 12.6% less than national average

You'll Enjoy Better Rates

Group hotel rates 20-30% less than national average
Meeting expenses 25% less than national average
Free parking
Free airport shuttles
A first-class destination experience...without the first-class expense

Hospitality is Second to None

Friendly and professional service
$1 billion recently invested in improvements
15,500 convention hotel rooms
19th largest convention center in the US

We Have a Sunny Disposition

300 days of sunshine a year
World-famous outdoor activities

Meet just a few of our local superheroes.

You can be one, too. It's easy . .. just book Reno for your organization's next meeting. Your good deed will help strengthen our local economy, and we'll reward you with a recognition event featuring Mayor Bob Cashell and key business leaders, as well as a plaque on our "Wall of Fame." Depending on your group size, you could also receive free rounds of golf at Wildcreek, event tickets, and even a two-night weekend resort package. Or you can choose to direct a contribution to your favorite charity or foundation.

Eddie Bonine
Eddie Bonine
Executive Director
Nevada Interscholastic Activities Assn.
Booked: Nat'l Federation of State High School Assn.
Est. Attendance: 600
Econ. Impact: $1,412,950
Bonnie Webber
Bonnie Webber
Washoe County
Booked: Nat'l Assn. of Counties
Est. Attendance: 4,200
Econ. Impact: $9,061,226
Diane Barnette
Diane Barnette
Director, Conference Planning
Nat'l Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges
Booked: Nat'l Conf. on Juvenile and Family Law
Est. Attendance: 700
Econ. Impact: $1,919,790

Krys Bart
Krys Bart
Executive Director

Reno-Tahoe International Airport
Booked: American Assn. of Airport Executives
Est. Attendance: 2,000
Econ. Impact: $2,562,634

Sherry Rupert
Sherry Rupert
Executive Director

State of Nevada Indian Commission
Booked: Nat'l Indian Education Assn.
Est. Attendance: 3,000
Econ. Impact: $2,992,500
Don Brown
Don Brown

Booked: Nat'l Active and Retired Federal Employees Assn.
Est. Attendance: 1,700
Econ. Impact: $3,409,094

For more information,
contact John Leinen, Vice President of Sales. 775-827-7704.

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