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May 06 - May 08: Reno Sculpture Fest

May 07 - May 08: Reno River Festival

May 13 - May 21: Reno Craft Beer Week

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Reno-Sparks Convention Center - Policies and Regulations

Reno-Sparks Convention Center Booking Policies

Since the Authority realizes the majority of its revenue is from hotel/motel room tax income, priority is naturally given to conventions, tradeshows and RSCVA special events which produce out-of-town visitors to the Reno-Sparks area. To accomplish this, the links below provide valuable information regarding policies, rules and regulations and emergency response procedures currently in effect for the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.  

It is the responsibility of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center Management to operate the convention center in a sound business manner. In an effort to maximize both economic and financial stability of the convention center. Management reserves the right to promote, solicit, develop and make reservations for any activity deemed appropriate to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center’s objectives and to qualify all activities requesting space utilization at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.


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