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Entries are still being accepted for the Storm National Mixed Championships that begins bowling again October 4 at Reno's National Bowling Stadium.  A spot has been reserved for you.

August got off to a great start with many entries coming in the youth events.  This will help to increase the amount of Scholarship money being paid out to the youth bowlers.  With the cost of education continually rising, the youth events in the Open Festival of Bowling give them an opportunity to win scholarship money to help offset the cost of continuing their education past high school.

After the first month of bowling, scores have been set to beat as the majority of enties bowl in October and November.  Current Leaders in the handicap events are:

With the addition of the Open Team event bowlers have even more chances to bowl.  Open Team has opened up the opportunity to bowl a team event with any combination of male/female bowlers.  It has also created an All-Events prize fund using the Open Team, Open Doubles, Open Singles, Senior Doubles and Senior Singles events.  We've made "Bowling's Most Complete Tournament" even more complete.

For more information and entry forms visit the tournament website  To have entry forms mailed call the National Bowling Stadium at 800-304-2695 ext. 0


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