Activities in Reno Tahoe

We’re more than free drinks at the quarter roulette table. We’re more than a place to get drinks after 2am. We’re more than just casinos and cheap buffets. Leave your expectations at home. This is Reno Tahoe USA, where the altitude isn’t the only thing that’ll take your breath away.
From year-round festivals to concert headliners, Lake Tahoe's South Shore will fill your event calendar from sun-up to sundown. Now your only problem is squeezing it all in.
Planning your North Lake Tahoe activities is a breeze. Take a peek at all of the different activities to try and places to go before your trip to Lake Tahoe so once you're here you don't waste any time! From championship golf courses to charter fishing excursions, you can discover all the activities North Lake Tahoe has to offer.
Oysters, camels, parades, concerts, and outhouses are just a few of the usual and unusual things a visitor can see in Virginia City.
While you’re here, take advantage of all that we have to offer. From the socialite to the neophyte, Reno Tahoe has something to offer everyone; and even if you stumble on the slopes, fail with the flirting, or crap out at the casinos, you’ll always walk away a winner.