60 Buckaroos drive 300 head of cattle on authentic 5 day cattle drive

The numbers behind the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive


The Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive is a five-day event that kicks of this Sunday. New route, new scenery, new challenges and three new camps. Over 300 rodeo steers are driven from north of Reno, from Doyle, California to the rodeo grounds in downtown Reno. During the five days, they will travel 100 miles through Northern Nevada terrain and will traverse 2,300 acres. There are eight, 1800’s style wagons traveling alongside the herd to carry the guests’ luggage and supplies. During the Drive, the chuckwagon crew will serve over 750 pounds of meat, 100 gallons of strong, cowboy coffee and 50 dozen eggs. This year, 60 guests will join the crew of 35 volunteers for the Drive. Guests pay over $1800 plus travel costs and reserve their place on the drive up to 2 years in advance. Over the past 15 years, guests have joined us from Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and New York!

On Thursday, June 20, the team will arrive at the corner of Oddie and Sutro between 11:30 and high noon. It is a sight to see.

Reno Rodeo June 20-29 tickets are available at www.renorodeo.com or call Tickets.com (800) 325-7328 or visit Lawlor Events Center Ticket Office, UNR Campus, Reno, NV. Tickets range in price from $12 – $25 based on seating and performance date.

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