Extend Your Stay in Reno Tahoe USA

After all the meetings, the group activities, and the planned events, aren’t you ready for a little "me time?"

Business before pleasure. But now that your work is done, extend your stay in Reno-Tahoe and play like a local. You’ll find something that’s tailor made for you no matter what the season, from world-class spas to historical adventures, to casinos, clubs and top-name entertainers. There are restaurants you haven’t tried. Galleries to explore. Unique antiques. And more outdoor sports adventure than you can shake a club, a paddle, a fly rod or well, a pole at.

  • Spring in Reno


    In spring, Reno Tahoe USA offers the perfect antidote to the winter blahs, with clear blue skies, sparkling water and crisp mountain air. Find Out More

  • Summer in Reno


    Summertime, and the days are at their longest. Still, you’ll have trouble fitting everything in. Under the brilliant western sun, Reno Tahoe USA draws enthusiasts from around the world. Learn More

  • Fall in Reno


    Fall brings a new sense of excitement. Maybe it’s the blaze of red and gold, or the scent of change on the crisp alpine air. Whatever the reason, this is the perfect time to explore farther afield. Find Something New

  • Winter in Reno


    Once you’ve been here, everything else is downhill. Nestled at the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Reno Tahoe USA is the ideal winter escape.  Learn More

  • Heritage in Reno

    Heritage & History

    In the span of an afternoon, you can dig up the dirt on the area’s past "sin solutions" during the throes of the Great Depression to the ancient rock art drawings of native peoples. Humans have lived in the Great Basin for at least 10,000 years. Learn More

  • Nightlife in Reno


    When the sun goes down in Reno Tahoe USA, the action heats up. And no matter how full your day has been, you’ll find even more adventure at night. Find Out More

  • Shopping in Reno


    Discover everything we have in store for you. Shopping for something to remember your trip? Here, the shopping may be one of the things you remember most.  Discover Something New

  • Arts & Culture in Reno

    Arts & Culture

    The arts have always been a measure of the human spirit. Come see what happens when that spirit reaches for the endless western sky.  See More

  • Dining in Reno


    They say that variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to dining, Reno Tahoe USA  offers something to fit everyone’s taste. Find Out More

  • Spas in Reno


    Take a moment to relax, or spend a long, blissful day pampering yourself. With so many choices in RenoTahoe USA, you can do anything from refreshing your manicure to reinventing your life. Learn More

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