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Discover your Reno Tahoe USA reason!   

Are you a sports enthusiast, festival fanatic, adventure seeker, entertainment aficionado, culinary connoisseur?
No matter what makes your heart beat faster, there's at least one special event that will satisfy your passion for fun. 
Magnificent Machines.
For thrilling action, you have your pick of events racing everything from hot air balloons to outhouses; camels to off-road vehicles; watercross to the fastest sport on earth . . . race planes!  If admiring two-wheel or four-wheel masterpieces is your speed, then marvel at iconic Harleys of Street Vibrations, incredible classic cars from Hot August Nights, or collector cars from the prestigious Barrett-Jackson auction. 
Astounding Athletics.
The crack of the bat, the swish of the net, a hole-in-one, the touchdown celebration in the endzone, Reno Tahoe offers plenty of thrilling professional, collegiate or individual sports action.  Celebrate PGA TOUR players at the Reno Tahoe Open, cowboys riding extreme bulls, iron men and women, world class white water kayakers and Triple-A baseball All-Stars.  And that's just the beginning!
If you prefer to participate instead of spectate, pick your sport!  There's ultra-distance triathlons, a 178 mile relay run, dozens of bike touring events, or hilarious runs with plenty of mud, foam, obstacles and rad coloring. 
Art and Music Lives.
Enjoy jazz, classic, Americana, blues and country music festivals as well as a plethora of concerts featuring today's biggest stars. Reno Tahoe USA is the only destination where you can enjoy Shakespeare on the beach of Lake Tahoe, experience Artown - a month-long celebration of visual and performing arts, or participate in the counter culture of Burning Man!
Eat. Drink. Fun.
We have festivals to satisfy the pickiest palates, like BBQ ribs, chicken wings, Italian or German cuisine, homemade candy, even rocky mountain oysters. For the drink lovers, there’s wine, beer and themed bar crawls throughout the year.


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