Reno has the fastest growing co-op in the Nation

What grows faster, the business of a Reno-based food cooperative, or the fruits and veggies it provides? Only the member owners of the Great Basin Community Food Co-op know that for sure!

The GBCFC had a sales growth of 38% last year, which is four times what the national cooperative association considers healthy. The total profit was almost $2.5 million. There is no secret initiative or planning method, other than just providing locally-grown whole foods without the use of nutrition labels. The people who provide this food are called member owners, and they have watched the cooperative grow since its conception nearly nine years ago.

For a list of the Great Basin Community Food Co-op’s shopping guidelines, click here!

Not only does the co-op provide healthy eating options, but it also serves as a great location for many community events. From yoga to art class, Reno locals and visitors can enjoy a space that cherishes community as well as encourages creativity.

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Ky Plaskon, Sierra Reporter, Capital Public Radio, 90.5