Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority

The RSCVA Special Event Education Program is a scholarship program designed to assist local event organizers with registration costs incurred to attend industry-specific educational programs.  The application deadline for training programs occurring in 2009 is 5:00pm, September 26, 2008. 

Program Qualifications:

  • You must produce, work for, or be contracted by an event that meets all the following criteria:
    • Meets the RSCVA definition of Special Event. "An organized activity conducted by a person or group for a common or collective use, purpose or benefit to amuse, educate or entertain the participants and the general public. These events must help to attract overnight visitors to the destination and brand Reno-Tahoe as Americas Adventure Place. Types of events that qualify for this funding include, but are not limited to: fairs, festivals, community events, mass participation sports (such as marathons, running events and bicycles races or tours), and charitable events."
    • Event has taken place a minimum of two consecutive years. 
    • Event must participate in the Special Event Networking program provided by the RSCVA (at least one member of the organization has to have attended at least one networking meeting in the past year.)
  • You must produce, work for or be contracted by the event when the education program commences.

Fund Usage:

  • Funds may only be used for registration fees and cannot be used for travel, housing, or incidental costs.
  • Scholarship must be used for a Special Event education program including, but not limited to educational seminars, conventions, and industry tradeshows.  (Examples of some of these programs are: ISES, the Special Event, IEG.)
  • Scholarship awards are limited to no more than $1000 per applicant per year.
  • Funds will be provided as reimbursement upon completion of education program.
  • Upon completion of education program, applicant will be required to meet with the Special Events Manager from the RSCVA for a wrap-up interview and provide a registration receipt for reimbursement of funds within 30 days. 
  • Reimbursement will be processed once wrap-up interview is complete and receipt for registration fees has been received.


Selection Criteria: 

Scholarship awards will be chosen based on the applicants that best display how the educational program will assist them in making their event more successful.  Favorable consideration will be given to applicants that best display how the educational program will help them meet the RSCVA specific goals of increasing room nights and out-of-area marketing exposure.   All scholarship recipients will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation regarding the education program they attended at a Special Event Networking Luncheon so that other event organizers will have an opportunity to analyze and determine if this program would be good for them in the future.