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Event Overview

*Event Name:  

*Event Date:   

*Event Description
This detailed description will be used by staff when presenting your partnership funding request to the Review Panel, the RSCVA Marketing & Sales Committee, and the RSCVA Board of Directors.  This is an opportunity to “sell” your event to potential decision makers.

*Where will the event take place?   
*Would you consider holding the event at an RSCVA facility?  Yes  No
(Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center, Reno Events Center, National Bowling Stadium, Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
*Is this (will this be) an annual event in the destination?   Yes   No
*How many years has this event taken place in the destination?
*Will there be a charge to attend the event?   Yes    No
If ticketed, how much?  
*Anticipated hotel partners for 2013 event?
A minimum of two Washoe County hotel partnerships are required and can be in the form of sponsorship, room block, venue location, etc.

*Which category does the event fall under?

Emerging Event
An event that is in its first five years of existence (in or out of the destination).  This includes new events that are off-shoots of existing events, but slated to occur separately and at a different time of year from the original event. 

Existing Event
An event that has been in existence for more than five years (in or out of the destination).  This includes events that have been produced in other destinations for more than five years and are being brought to Reno for the first time.

Legacy Event
An event that has been in existence in the destination for more than 10 years, generates an estimated 5,000 room nights or obtains at least $250,000 in quantifiable out-of-area marketing exposure.

Contact Info

*Event Organizer/Host Organization: 
*Contact Person: 
*Office Phone:  
  Cell Phone: 
*Event Website: 
YouTube Link: 
Facebook Fan Page URL: 
Twitter Handle: 
*Event Director or Producer: 
*Office Phone:    Fax
  Cell Phone

What other events have been produced by this individual or group?

Attendance and Room Night Information

Attendance Summary for 2012 Event
What was the total attendance for your event (please refer to Section C for the definition of total attendance). Include spectators, competitors, performers, and staff. Provide details and supporting documents as outlined in Section G, item 6. (If your event is being held for the first time in 2013, put “n/a” in the required fields)

*In Market (local) residents              
*Out of market (overnight) visitors 


Projected Attendance for 2013 Event
Provide a good-faith estimate including spectators, competitors, performers, and staff.  Please refer to Section C for the definition of total attendance.

*In Market (local) residents             
*Out of market (overnight) visitors


Estimated Room Nights Generated at 2012 Event                            
Provide a good-faith estimate of the estimated room nights that were generated as a direct result of your recent event. Differentiate between comp rooms and paid rooms. Any documentation in support of your estimate is helpful, as explained in Section G, item 5. (If your event is being held for the first time in 2013, put “n/a” in the required fields)

*Estimated comp room nights     
*Estimated paid room nights       

Hotels that likely received overnight visitors as a result of your event


Estimated Room Nights Anticipated for 2013 Event                        
Provide a good faith estimate of the projected room nights that may be generated as a result of your event.  Differentiate between comp rooms and paid rooms. 

*Estimated comp room nights      
*Estimated paid room nights        

Marketing/Advertising and PR

Marketing/Advertising Budget for 2013 Event
Include cash as well as the value of in-kind partnerships

*In Market: 
*Out of Market:   

PR Equivalency for 2012 Event (out of market only)   
Only required if event is requesting consideration of public
relations equivalency in lieu of out-of-market advertising budget


*Will event be televised on network/cable TV or broadcast on the web? 
Yes  No
Please indicate anticipated coverage:  Local    Regional    National
Provider info and air date:

Network   Air Date   Program Length 

Cable  Air Date  Program Length

Webcast  Air Date   Program Length

Is there commercial inventory available?   Yes   No

What advertising and/or promotional exposure will Reno Tahoe USA receive during the telecast?

*Does your event have any media partners?   Yes   No
If yes, who 
*Does your event have a Facebook page?  Yes   No
How many fans do you have?  
*Does your event have a Twitter account?  Yes   No
How many followers do you have?  

*How many unique visitors has your website received in the last 6 months? 


*Indicate the amount of RSCVA partnership funding requested?
*What will RSCVA partnership funds be used for?  
*Will the event solicit additional sponsors?   Yes   No
If yes, who? 
*If you do not receive RSCVA partnership funding, will your event still occur?
Yes   No

If no, please explain

Government Assistance
List any City, County or other public sector organizations that you expect to receive sponsorships, funding or in-kind contributions from in 2013


*If your event is awarded partnership funding, you must consent to the following.  By clicking “yes” next to each statement, you are indicating agreement.

Your event will secure a standard comprehensive general liability insurance policy naming the RSCVA as additional insured ($1 million per occurrence and $2 million general aggregate).  

Your event is/will occur in the destination annually.  It is not planned to take place one-time only. Yes 

Your event is open to the public and does not require spectators to purchase a membership, conference registration or pay annual dues.  Spectator ticket charges are acceptable for gated events.  Yes

Partnerships of some form (ie: sponsorship, room block, venue location or similar) will be secured with at least two Washoe County hotels.  Yes

The RSCVA logo and hyperlink to will appear on your website.  Yes

The RSCVA can utilize your event’s logo(s) and photos in our marketing and promotional efforts for the destination and on behalf of your event.  Yes

The information provided in this application, as well as the supporting documents are true and correct.  Yes


 Please make sure that all required fields are filled in or checked.  Depending on your computer, failure to do so could cause you to have to re-enter your data.

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