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Kayak Park

Kayaking in Reno

Truckee River Whitewater Park

The Truckee River Whitewater Park is located in the heart of Reno's bustling downtown hotel-casino and booming arts district. It features 11 pools for kayak play, as well as a kayak racing course, and it plays host to the annual Reno River Festival, one of the country's premier competitive kayaking events.

Whitewater Park Attributes

    Kayaking in Reno

  • Located in the heart of Reno's downtown resort area
  • Walking distance from 24-hour hotel/casinos
  • Open year-round with constant flow of clean, fresh water
  • Large size -11 drop-pools; total of 2,600 feet in length (a half mile)
  • Large variety of whitewater activities for different skill levels
  • Easy public and spectator access
  • Accommodation of low-water flows during dry spells
  • Easy access to other mountain adventures, including skiing, golf, and mountain biking
  • Easy to reach, close to Reno/Tahoe International Airport and Interstate 80

Special Features

  • Easily accessible from all directions
  • Five drop pools in the north channel; six in the south channel.
  • 7,000 tons of smooth flat-top rocks and boulders installed along the river
  • Deep pools with continual fresh water provide good habitat for fish
  • Surrounds grassy park with amphitheater and facilities for concerts, festivals, picnics, outdoor recreation
  • Whitewater park removed dangerous dam, created safer recreation attraction
  • Boaters can start anywhere upstream and enjoy a great experience
  • Beginners can enjoy the whitewater park, which is engineered to be safe

Technical Details

  • Length: 2,600 feet, including 1,400 feet in the north channel and 1,200 feet in the south channel, or one-half mile.
  • Class 2 to 3 course (on a scale of 1 to 6; one being a lake, six being a waterfall)
  • Users: kayaks, canoes and rafts, inner tubes
  • Maneuvers: freestyle, front and side surfing, cartwheeling, throwing ends, blunt moves, spoofing and splatting, flat spinning, loops, front flips, slalom racing. Random boulders in channels