Lake Tahoe Marathon

Lake Tahoe
September 12, 2014 -September 14, 2014

Four days of fun and 25 events to choose from. 
There is something for the whole family, club or group of friends at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Competitors range from toddlers to octogenarians.  Run, swim, kayak or paddle on or around beautiful Lake Tahoe during a gorgeous time of year. 
Events include:
*Full marathon
*Three-day triple marathon
*Half marathon
*Three-day trifecta half marathon
*Ultra Running:  Super Triple, 72-mile Ultra, Double Marathon
*Family runs: 5K, 10K and 20 Miler
*Marathon walkers
*Swims: half mile, one mile and 2 miles
*Five mile Kayak
*Stand-up Paddle: 2 miles and 5 miles
For the complete list of events and locations, click here.


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