5K Foam Fest

Rancho San Rafael Park
August 2, 2014

8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

It's the most fun getting dirty that you'll ever have.
Smiling and running don't usually go hand in hand but the 5K Foam Fest is an amazing mix of foam, mud and obstacles. Whether you like it dirty or clean, the 5k Foam Fest makes fitness fun.
Imagine the excitement of a mud run combined with foam, ginormous inflatable obstacles, army crawls, foam, colossal walls, mud pits, cargo net climbs, foam, body washer, moon walk, foam, slip'n slides and water obstacles (did we mention foam). A fun and exciting challenge for the experienced and beginner runners alike. 
New this year is the The Body Washer.   Image a tunnel with three sections.  First, soap up in a room of pure foam. Then scrub down as you run through a maze of sponges taller than you. Last, rinse off at the mini pool party.
Course Map and Obstacles

 5k Foam Fest

5k Foamfest



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