Reno Rodeo

Steampunk Tavern Stroll

Downtown Reno
July 19, 2014

Our First Ever Steampunk Crawl!

OK, technically, we named it the Steampunk Tavern Stroll, not crawl. We’re going to dress up like Victorian-era neo-futuristic sci-fi characters and go from tavern to tavern tasting libations, playing parlor games, enjoying some old-timey entertainment and even exploring the, GASP, dark arts! Sound fun?

This is a new event, but also a new kind of event for us. This is the first in a series of “boutique crawls” that we’re planning that will allow us to explore some of the themes our participants have suggested to us or that we’ve wanted to put on for a long time!

Instead of cups we’re using glass jars with metal lids and handles. They’re $10 instead of $5 and we’re only selling a limited amount of them. Here’s a few of the things you will encounter on this more intimate, fun journey:

  • Enjoy premium mixed drinks from mason jars instead of plastic cups!
  • Win collectables by knocking down piles of aluminum jugs or by tossing beanbags into a target!
  • Get a reading at our Steampunk Tarot table!
  • Fall into an alternate state during our hypnotism demonstration!
  • Learn Nevada history from actors in period costume!
  • Get your photo taken at our Steampunk Photo Booth!

Everyone Loves a Team-Up!

This is our first crawl that’s sponsored by the City of Reno! In addition, we’re teaming up with High Desert Steam, the folks behind the Virginia City Steampunk Ball in September and we’re the official after-party of the Steampunk Expo earlier in the day of July 19th!

How to Crawl

  1. Dress Up (you don’t absolutely have to but come on!)
  2. Get a cup (they will be available at our start location on crawl night and for pre-sale at select retail shops starting mid-June for only $10)
  3. Party! (show up at 1864 Tavern with your mug or get one there. We’ll show you the rest!)

Costume themes

We’ll post ideas for costumes but to get your creativity flowing, think top hats and goggles, brass clock parts, leather corsets, half of a pirate costume with half an old suit and a bomber helmet while holding an old umbrella. Basically, anything you wore to Burning Man will work too.

Where & How to Get Cups

We will have cups for sale at 1864 Tavern on the night of the event, or can purchase them at the following retail locations, and below you can purchase them online through Eventbrite if you’re coming from out of town or want to make sure we don’t sell out!
Retail Crawl Cup Locations

  • (Reno) Junkee Clothing Exchange at 960 South Virginia St.
  • (Reno) Melting Pot World Emporium at 1049 South Virginia St.

Contact Info

Visit Web Site
Phone: 775-342-9565