Reno Rodeo

24-Hour Mural Marathon

Circus Circus
July 13, 2014 -July 14, 2014

 In conjunction with Artown, Circus Circus Reno is hosting the first Reno 24-hour Wall Mural Marathon. Selected Artists will compete for the grand prize while painting individual murals on one of seven (7) panels on the exterior of the Circus Circus main building facing Virginia Street. All murals will remain on display on the Circus Circus Building for an entire year, until the second annual competition. This will be a welcoming message to all who travel south on Virginia Street, a permanent art installation which will benefit the community and beautify the downtown area.

“I truly believe every great city has a great downtown,” said Richard Bartholet, University of Nevada Professor and board member for RAD, Regional Alliance for Downtown. “This mural process started when Howard Rosenberg and I walked through the city from the Courthouse to the University. We saw there was a lot of potential to spruce up the Circus Circus Reno building facing Virginia Street, which will in turn do wonders for the community. Those discussions got the ball rolling to this Mural Arts Project with Circus Circus.”

Each artist will receive a stipend of $750 for materials, but will be responsible for his or her own equipment and labor. Entry submissions will be accepted June 9th-27th and artists will be selected July 3rd with a minimum of three artist spots reserved for locals. For the forms, waivers and additional information, please visit the Circus Circus Reno website under Headliners and Special Events. Send all entries, which will include a bio, three examples of work completed, an idea or example of what the mural will look like and the agreement forms downloaded from the website to no later than midnight June 27th. NO circus themed art please.

The competition will be 10am on July 13th to 10am on the 14th. There will be seven artists with two alternates and cash prizes for first ($2,000), second ($1,000) and third place ($500). 

The day before the event, Saturday the 12th, artists and the two alternates will need to register in the hotel lobby for their rooms between 10am-12pm. Upon arrival, the seven artists will receive their stipends to buy paint and materials. Then sleep before the big event!

“Artown is inclusive of all arts events during the month of July,” said Beth Macmillan, Executive Director of Artown. “One of the goals of the festival is to see art on every street corner and in spaces where you least expect to see it. This is a wonderful addition to the downtown and excellent use of blank canvases.”

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