Reno Sparks Livestock Events Center

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Parking Rates & Regulations

Reno Sparks Livestock Events CenterThe Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center (RSLEC) has ample parking for all events.  

  • Each lot has controlled access.
  • The RSLEC charges a parking fee for designated/selected events.
  • Vehicles presenting “disabled or handicapped” license plates or placards; may park at no charge.
  • Motorhomes/RV vehicles may use the RSLEC for parking purposes and will be charged according to the number of spaces used.  Overnight Motorhome/RV parking at the RSLEC is allowed per event availability (see information on RV reservations).
  • The RSLEC reserves the right to tow, at owner’s expense any vehicle blocking identified Fire Lanes, loading docks, non-designated areas (i.e. driveways, parking aisles) and other areas designated for special use.

Parking on sidewalks or grass areas is prohibited

General public

*Eight dollars ($8.) per vehicle space per day.  ***All rates are subject to change without notice***


General public rates and regulations apply.

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